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  • What You Should Know About Wheel Bearings

    Why are wheel bearings so important? The simple answer is that they quite literally keep the wheels attached to your vehicle. When you consider the alternative, it suddenly becomes clear that we should all know a lot more about these often overlooked but vital components in our vehicles; how they...
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  • 9 tips of Preventative Maintenance for your wheel hub bearings

    Preventative maintenance is the key to maximizing the performance and durability of any hub bearing. Here’s a list of maintenance tips for your reference: 1.When replacing your Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly inspect and clean mounting point surface to ensure a level installation 2.Inspect lug n...
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  • 7 symptoms prove that wheel hub bearing is bad!

    When a wheel hub does its job right, its attached wheel rolls quietly and quickly. But like any other car part, it will wear out over time and with use. Since the vehicle always uses its wheels, the hubs never get a break for long. Common scenarios that can batter or wear out wheel hub assemblies...
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  • Key trends in Global Bearing Industry

    Bearings are critical components of every machinery. They not just reduce friction but also support load, transmit power and maintain alignment and thus facilitating efficient operation of equipment. Global Bearing market is around $ 40 Billion and is expected to reach $ 53 Billion by 2026 with a...
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  • How to Calculate Grease Quantity and Frequency for Bearings

    Arguably the most common activity performed in lubrication is to grease bearings. This involves taking a grease gun filled with grease and pumping it into all the grease Zerks in the plant. It’s amazing how such a common task is also plagued with ways to make mistakes, such as overgreasing, und...
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  • 7 Steps to Trouble-free Grease Lubrication

    In January 2000, a tragic event occurred off the coast of California. Alaska Airlines Flight 261 was flying to San Francisco from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. When the pilots realized the unexpected response from their flight controls, they first attempted to troubleshoot out at sea to minimize the ...
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  • How To Test The Grease Quality ?

    Some countries are very hard to test the grease quality by equipments,we pick up an easy way to test your grease quality ,in order let you know about our grease quality. Today we take the video about our grease quality testing,you can check your products quality and compare with us! The excellent...
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  • Need to Know: Grease Consistency

    Choosing the right consistency of grease for an application is critical, as a grease that is too soft may migrate away from the area that needs to be lubricated, while a grease that is too stiff may not effectively migrate into the areas that need to be lubricated. Traditionally, a grease’s stiff...
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  • When Choosing Grease, Practice Due Diligence

    Multipurpose grease can cover many applications making it desirable for reducing inventories and associated costs, and simplifying a lubrication program. In general, most multipurpose greases are lithium thickened and have Antiwear (AW) and/or Extreme Pressure (EP) additives and base oils with v...
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  • Advantages of Using Polyurea Grease

    “Our plant is thinking about switching from a lithium-complex grease to a polyurea grease for lubricating several of our machine components. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to using a polyurea grease over a lithium-complex grease if all the other factors are equal?” When co...
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  • Oil prices fell nearly 3% as supplies resumed in places like Libya and demand faltered

    China Petroleum News Center 13th,Oct 2020 International oil prices came under pressure to close down about 3 percent on Monday as crude production from Libya, Norway and the Gulf of Mexico resumed, Reuters reported Wednesday.  November WTI futures fell $1.17, or 2.9%, to settle at $39.43 a barrel...
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    Date:2020/12/09 Addr:National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) 2020 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition (the 17th session) will be held in National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai) from December 9 to 12,2020. Covering an area of 55000Sq.m. with estimated 1000 e...
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