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  • Chinese State Taxation Administration published an announcement a few days ago, maybe the price of raw material will go up again!!

    The State Administration of Taxation of China recently issued an announcement on the cancellation of export tax rebates for some steel products. This measure may cause raw materials to rise again. Customers who have recent purchase plans are requested to prepare early. Perhaps the price of raw ma...
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  • Is all bearing surface damage troublesome? Combatting Corrosion at the Design Phase

    Up to 40 per cent of a vegetable crop can go to waste due to the aesthetic requirements of some supermarkets. While a wonky vegetable may not be the most visually pleasing, it possesses the same nutritional value as its perfectly proportioned counterpart.  Bearing surface damage can take many fo...
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  • How to choose the accuracy of the bearing?

    Performance requirements Examples Applicable accuracy grade The placement body is required to have high runout accuracy Audio and video machine spindle (video recorder, tape recorder) Radar, parabolic antenna shaft Machine tool spindle Electronic computer, disk spindle Aluminum foi...
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  • Withstanding the heat and the pressure – bearing designs for reliability in extreme environments.

    Increased demand to improve reliability across industry means engineers need to consider all components of their equipment. Bearing systems are critical parts in a machine and their failure could have catastrophic and costly consequences. The bearing design has a major impact on reliability, espe...
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  • Reduce Contaminants And Improve Bearing Life

    Contaminated lubricant is one of the leading causes of bearing damage and often a major factor in the premature end of bearing life. When a bearing operates in an environment that is clean, it should only fail from eventual, natural fatigue but when the system becomes contaminated, it can signifi...
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  • How to Minimize Grease Bleeding

    Grease bleeding or oil separation is an expression used to refer to grease that has released oil during static (storage) or normal operating conditions. In static conditions, oil bleeding is identified by the presence of small pools of oil, particularly when the grease surface is not flat or eve...
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    A、ZZ - Dust cover seals on both sides of the bearing Use Environment:Ordinary motor, dust-proof working environment。 Advantage:Low cost, Low starting torque, and the high temperature and low temperature working conditions can be universal. Disadvantage:The sealing gap is large (generally abo...
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  • What You Should Know About Wheel Bearings

    Why are wheel bearings so important? The simple answer is that they quite literally keep the wheels attached to your vehicle. When you consider the alternative, it suddenly becomes clear that we should all know a lot more about these often overlooked but vital components in our vehicles; how they...
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  • 9 tips of Preventative Maintenance for your wheel hub bearings

    Preventative maintenance is the key to maximizing the performance and durability of any hub bearing. Here’s a list of maintenance tips for your reference: 1.When replacing your Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly inspect and clean mounting point surface to ensure a level installation 2.Inspect lug n...
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  • 7 symptoms prove that wheel hub bearing is bad!

    When a wheel hub does its job right, its attached wheel rolls quietly and quickly. But like any other car part, it will wear out over time and with use. Since the vehicle always uses its wheels, the hubs never get a break for long. Common scenarios that can batter or wear out wheel hub assemblies...
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  • Key trends in Global Bearing Industry

    Bearings are critical components of every machinery. They not just reduce friction but also support load, transmit power and maintain alignment and thus facilitating efficient operation of equipment. Global Bearing market is around $ 40 Billion and is expected to reach $ 53 Billion by 2026 with a...
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  • How to Calculate Grease Quantity and Frequency for Bearings

    Arguably the most common activity performed in lubrication is to grease bearings. This involves taking a grease gun filled with grease and pumping it into all the grease Zerks in the plant. It’s amazing how such a common task is also plagued with ways to make mistakes, such as overgreasing, und...
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