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  • Why is my bearing suddenly making excessive noise?

    Bearings are critical components in any piece of rotating machinery. Their primary function is to support the rotating shaft whilst reducing friction to facilitate smooth motion. Due to the vital role that bearings play within machinery, it’s important to regularly inspect your bearings for any ...
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  • Rotating assets with fewer spare parts – it is possible!

    During my 16-year career with the Royal Netherlands Air Force, I learned and experienced that having the right spare parts available or not affects the availability of technical systems. Aircraft stood still at Volkel Air Base due to a shortage of spare parts, while those in Kleine-Brogel in Belg...
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  • Typical RB Running Traces

    Typical Running Traces of Roller Bearings (I) shows the outer ring running trace when a radial load is properly applied to a cylindrical roller bearing which has a load on a rotating inner ring. (J) shows the running trace in the case of shaft bending or relative inclination between the inner a...
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  • The four stages of bearing cage damage

    When bearings are working, more or less they will cause a certain degree of damage and wear because of friction, especially when operating at high temperature, and even the bearing cage will be damaged.According to the degree of damage, it is generally divided into different stages, so the bearin...
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  • Agricultural machinery bearing type list

    Across the globe, the use of reliable, durable parts is a key factor in ensuring that farm machinery is properly maintained and crops are harvested on time, regardless of weather or crop specialities. So we commonly use all kinds of agricultural machinery, which types of bearings are used? Grind...
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  • Agricultural machinery bearing

    Agricultural machinery mechanical bearing is an important basis of agricultural machinery machinery and equipment parts and components, widely used in agricultural vehicles, tractors, diesel engine, motor, rake, baling machine, harvester, sheller and other agricultural machinery, its accuracy, p...
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  • Determine whether bearings can be used again

      To judge whether the bearing can be used again, it should be decided after considering the degree of bearing damage, machine performance, importance, operating conditions, inspection cycle, etc.Check the results, if it is found that the bearing has damage and abnormal conditions, the cont...
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  • Damage by Load/Contact Patterns RCA: Typical DGBB Running Traces

    Typical Running Traces of Deep Groove Ball Bearings (A) shows the most common running trace generated when the inner ring rotates under a radial load only. (E) through (H) show different running traces that result in a shortened life due to their adverse effect on bearings. (A) Inner ring rotati...
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  • Chinese State Taxation Administration published an announcement a few days ago, maybe the price of raw material will go up again!!

    The State Administration of Taxation of China recently issued an announcement on the cancellation of export tax rebates for some steel products. This measure may cause raw materials to rise again. Customers who have recent purchase plans are requested to prepare early. Perhaps the price of raw ma...
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  • Is all bearing surface damage troublesome? Combatting Corrosion at the Design Phase

    Up to 40 per cent of a vegetable crop can go to waste due to the aesthetic requirements of some supermarkets. While a wonky vegetable may not be the most visually pleasing, it possesses the same nutritional value as its perfectly proportioned counterpart.  Bearing surface damage can take many fo...
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  • How to choose the accuracy of the bearing?

    Performance requirements Examples Applicable accuracy grade The placement body is required to have high runout accuracy Audio and video machine spindle (video recorder, tape recorder) Radar, parabolic antenna shaft Machine tool spindle Electronic computer, disk spindle Aluminum foi...
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  • Withstanding the heat and the pressure – bearing designs for reliability in extreme environments.

    Increased demand to improve reliability across industry means engineers need to consider all components of their equipment. Bearing systems are critical parts in a machine and their failure could have catastrophic and costly consequences. The bearing design has a major impact on reliability, espe...
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